EP: Daano – The Jazz Kid III Mp3 Download 

“Daano – The Jazz Kid III” is a 2021 EP by Nigerian rapper, Daano. The EP features five tracks, each with a jazzy beat and Daano’s smooth flow, creating a chilled-out and introspective listening experience.

The title “The Jazz Kid III” is a reference to Daano’s love of jazz music and the influence it has on his artistry. The EP is the third installment in Daano’s “Jazz Kid” series, with each release exploring different aspects of his personal journey and creative process.

The first track on the EP, “Reborn”, sets the tone for the project with a mellow and melodic beat and introspective lyrics exploring the theme of personal growth and transformation. The second track, “Luv 4 U”, is a romantic and soulful ballad, with Daano’s smooth flow perfectly complementing the song’s jazzy instrumentation.

“The Jazz Kid III” is a perfect EP for anyone looking for a chilled-out and introspective listening experience. With its jazzy beats and introspective lyrics, the project is a testament to Daano’s artistry and his love of jazz music, creating a cohesive and engaging listening experience from start to finish.


1. DOWNLOAD MP3: Daano – Jazz Inside of Me

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3. DOWNLOAD MP3: Daano – La Música

4. DOWNLOAD MP3: Daano ft Malum Dexter – Timeless

5. DOWNLOAD MP3: Daano ft Mavisto, Zidow 99 & VS da Soul – Clvss Squad

6. DOWNLOAD MP3: Daano – Grootman (Spiritual Love Affair)

7. DOWNLOAD MP3: Daano – Lower Saxony II

8. DOWNLOAD MP3: Daano ft Melo_T1 & Musical Xhepard – Kids of Jazz