Popular Nigerian influencer Raheem Abike Halima, also known as Papaya Ex, astonished many when she estimated the cost of her housewarming asoebi at under 150,000 Naira.

The influencer, who had just come under fire for disclosing the source of her enormous fortune, displayed her opulent housewarming invitations on Instagram without giving it a second thought.

Sources claim that the personalized invitation boxes, which read “LandLadyBigPaps,” are valued over 1 million naira, with the champagne bottle inside each box being worth 500,000 alone.

In a video that Papapya posted, the singer announced that she was moving into full-time luxury while displaying her invitation boxes. She stated in the video that the asoebi will cost just 150,000 Naira.

Here is the video below ⬇️