Nigerian transgender Idris Okuneye, also known as Bobrisky, has vowed to spoil influencer Papaya Ex’s impending housewarming party.


On December 18, the day set aside for Papaya’s housewarming, Bob claimed via his Snapchat that she would command all the attention.

As she gets ready for a party with a luxurious theme, you would recall that Papaya sent out her personalized invitation boxes, which are estimated to be worth over a million naira. Additionally, she stated that the price of her asoebi would be 150k.



The crossdresser claims that Papaya Ex hates Bob because she previously attempted to sabotage his own housewarming by choosing the same day as her mother’s party.


As he is also thinking about flying in a makeup artist from outside the nation, Bob has already started making plans for the 18th.
Here is what Bob said :

Is d gown for me 😂 lawman keep Lagos clean . Life now

For many of you who don’t understand dis foolish girl, she has been a lowkey hater you all don’t just understand… before I picked date for my house warming dis thing also put her mum house warming same date to sabotage my event… but it back fire

How did it fire back nobody talk about that even 😂😂i was everywhere that day i didn’t let her shine 😂

Now listen 18 dec i won’t let you let shine too werey watch out!!!!! I want to let you know I’m BOSS OF Dis game

There’s absolutely nothing to hate on your cos you are trash I just want you to know that 2 can play dis game !!!!!!!!.

God give us long life 18 dec I’m not letting you trend. Watch me. Cheers

I’m trying die my old self but dis monkey want to bring my TROUBLE SELF BACK.

Don’t come to me and preach to me to forgive and let go !!!! If you are my friend stay out of dis. If you don’t want me to drag you.

Never Had A Problem With Nobody
They Had A Problem With Me

Tryna get to me, tryna figure out my moves tryna figure out my ways
Tryna solicit my peoples
Always Asking around about me
I’m Fully Loaded With Receipts
Don’t Play On My Top
I’ll gas you and light you up
So don’t make no fake page say it with ya real page say it with ya broad back chest
You don’t want no problems with me
Y’all pretentious fake a$$ capping a$$