An Indiana pastor has admitted to committing “adultery” about 20 years ago. The Pastor identified as John Lowe I made the confession in front of his congregation after a 43-year-old woman identified as Bobi Gephart, came forward with a microphone to tell their church in Warsaw, how he’d groomed her as a teen, starting when she was 16 (the legal age of consent in the state).

The incident which occurred on Sunday May 22, at New Life Christian Church and World Outreach in Warsaw, was captured on video and shared on Facebook. The video has since gone viral, with
hundreds of thousands of views.

The confrontation occurred after Pastor Lowe I told the church that he “sinned’ 20 years ago by committing adultery, without
mentioning how old the woman or girl was at the time. He begged for the church’s forgiveness, and then received a standing ovation. However Bobi stormed the stage with her husband, Nate, to say it “was not just adultery’ because she was so young at the time. She said;

“For 27 years I lived in a prison.I lived in a prison of lies and shame. Lying to protect the Lowe family. For years I thought I was a horrible person, having suicidal thoughts and not realizing what had been
truly done to me. “I would still be in a prison if my brother had not just approached me two weeks ago with what he had seen as a teenager that bothered him all these vears: his pastor in bed with his younger sister. “I was just 16 when you took my virginity on your office floor. Do you remember that? I know you do. “You did things to to my teenage body that should have never been done. If you can’t admit the truth, you have to answer to God. You are not the victim here. Bob’s husband Nate then added:

“This is a lie. This is not just adultery.

It’s another level. It happened for 9 years. When she was 15, 16, the grooming started.’

Nate also returned a pearl necklace that his wife had been given by the church and a ‘purity ring’ that he said the pastor gave her during the affair.
As the couple left the stage, the pastor then faced angry calls from the congregation.

‘If you did it you need to admit it!’ said one church goer…

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