Ogunjimi Adeyinka, better known by her stage name Whykay, has questioned the adage that “All female artists are promiscuous.”

The native of Ondo State claims that she is unique but cannot speak for her coworkers.

“Yes, I frequently hear that the industry, particularly among female musicians, engages in a lot of sleeping around. But since I don’t know everyone and I’m not everywhere, I can’t really say anything. Only I can speak for myself. I can only offer one piece of advice: do whatever suits you best while keeping in mind that everyone is listening and watching. Be cautious as well since walls have ears, she added to Saturday Sun.

Whykay, who just recently started making music and has produced some lovely songs so far, is grateful for the past year.

As the year’s end draws near, she also enumerated her key accomplishments.

This year has been challenging, she says. I’ve persevered because I have a clear vision and a large following of supporters; these things are enough to keep me going.

So far, they have been accomplishments that I am proud of, such as taking and passing my production exam.

Also, learning how to produce songs from start to finish! It’s a big deal for me because last year I couldn’t . Other achievements are personal. Looking back, no regrets. I’m only going to keep working hard. It’s not been easy to be honest.”